Chefs, now also farmers

Carol e Francesco We are chefs, always in contact with food. We’ve decided to tighten this bond even further by participating in how it is produced.

As with many things in Italy, things begin with a love story. We met in Denmark, working in some of the world’s most innovative restaurants such as Noma and Relæ in Copenhagen. There, innovation started in working closely with local producers, organic farmers, and always with a consciousness for craftsmanship at the highest levels. Biodiversity, environmentally responsible farming practices, and sustainable habits in the kitchen became values ingrained in us, and now, inseparable to us, are the fundamentals with which we walk into our project at Rantan. Now married, in Italy, with our plot of land and house, our idea is for a table centered around humanity—hospitality that is personal and heartfelt.

Francesco Scarrone is from Canavese, in the province of Torino. With an engineering background, he traded math and science for a version that felt more based in humanity - in cooking. Always curious with how things work, Francesco is a chef and now farmer with experience from all over Europe from Denmark to France and Italy.

Carol Choi is from New York, USA. With a degree in literature, histories, stories and human relations have a strong pull over her, and what brings more stories together than food at the table? She loves feasts, intimate gatherings, and conviviality brought about by good people and good food. She loves also to supply the good food. She is pastry chef, bread baker, and now, farmer-in-training.

The Experience

Everyone sits and eats together at a communal table in a home setting. For a set menu, €48 per person.

For those wishing to stay overnight, we have a guest cabin available for a group of 2-4 people.Cabin price €120 for 2 people per night, €25 per additional guest. We also have a double room, with a private bathroom. The price is €100 for 2 people per night. Breakfast Included.

Friday dinner - 7:30pm
Saturday dinner - 7:30pm
Sunday lunch - 12:30pm

Via Rueglio 39, Valchiusa
fraz. Trausella, 10089 TO — Italy
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