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A microfarm where people can eat

Food From the field
to the kitchen
to seasons,
everything is intertwined.

Respecting the needs and limits of our land, we work with the best products from our fields and source with careful consideration from neighbors who share our values. We work with a natural cycle, cooking with fresh produce and preserving them at the height of harvest to prepare for leaner seasons—a combination that delivers an experience full of flavors and textures.

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Ecological, hands-on agriculture
in the mountains of Valchiusella

Field We want to cultivate
diversity, working with products that excite us, and are pleasant for those who taste them.

Rooted by place and soil, we work to increase the fertility of our land as a way to harvest produce rich in taste and nutrients. We grow on the principles of organic farming on a human scale. In two, we are involved in all the process, from seed to harvest to table, using only our four hands and a selection of hand tools. We choose our crops based on flavour, variety and adaptability to our terrain in order to provide for an exciting menu.

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Enjoy the meal, explore the valley.

Stay For a full experience, spend the night in one of the rooms of our house.

We offer you the chalet, a rustic private apartment that includes a double bed, a kitchenette, private bathroom with shower, and a lounge area. We use linen sheets and towels and locally produced organic soaps for natural comfort.

We also have available a double bedroom, with a private bathroom. An abundant and hearty breakfast with farm-fresh products and just-baked pastries is included to set you on your day of exploration.

We offer a set omnivore menu consisting of a mix of shared and individual dishes.
The ExperienceRantan is open for lunch and dinner Saturdays. Our rooms are currently not available.
On Sundays, we are open for lunch.

We serve a fixed omnivore menu, which includes individual and shared courses based on what we grow. The price is € 52 per cover. For beverages, we have a list of interesting selections for you to choose from.

The meals are events shared with other guests around our communal table.

Reservations are available 30 days in advance.

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For any other information info@rantan.it

Via Rueglio 39, Valchiusa
fraz. Trausella, 10089 TO - Italy
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The Experience

Everyone sits and eats together at a communal table in a home setting. For a set menu, €48 per person.

For those wishing to stay overnight, we have a guest cabin available for a group of 2-4 people.Cabin price €120 for 2 people per night, €25 per additional guest. We also have a double room, with a private bathroom. The price is €100 for 2 people per night. Breakfast Included.

Friday dinner - 7:30pm
Saturday dinner - 7:30pm
Sunday lunch - 12:30pm

Via Rueglio 39, Valchiusa
fraz. Trausella, 10089 TO — Italy
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